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Fortune Summoners (フォーチュンサモナーズ ~アルチェの精霊石~ Fōchun Samonāzu ~Aruche no Seirei Seki) is a 2D side scrolling action role playing game developed by Lizsoft. The U.S. release was published by Carpe Fulgur.



  • Arche Plumfield: The protagonist of the story. She is a cheerful, strong willed and determined girl.
  • Sana Poanet: Arche's best friend. A shy girl who uses healing magic.
  • Stella Mayberk: One of Arche's classmates. Stella is a stuck up, wealthy girl who has the ability to use fire magic.


Fortune Summoners is a side-scrolling action role playing game, with you in control of one of three party members and the computer controlling the other two, with highly customizable AI dictating their actions. You also have the ability to switch between controlling the characters when in-party.

Combat is different depending on who you control – Arche, who is proficient with swords, with many special moves and melee combos. Sana and Stella, her companions, rely more on magic, for example spells that rain ice down on enemies, make mirror images of friends, or set the ground ablaze. Their magic comes from elemental stones. These stones are imbued with the power of an Elemental Spirit, which grants the wielder of one the ability to control that element via magic.