Note: Items with a * next to their name means that they cannot be bought in store.

Restoratives Edit

Some items can't be purcased iver limit.

You can't hold more than 6 mana restoratives.

Name Cost Effect Limit
Herb 10CP + 70~100 HP
Better Herb 18CP + 160~200 HP
Honey 24CP + 180~240 HP
Revival Drink 350CP Revives

120~160 HP

Holy Water 65CP + 140~160 HP

to whole party

Life Dew + 160~200 HP

to whole party

Magic Candy 120CP + 50~70 MP 6
Mind Chocolate + 120~140 MP 6
Venom-Away 7CP Cures Poison
Venom-Away S 40CP

per 3

Cures Poison

Stacks 3 in cell

Melshee Chocolate 8CP

per 2

+ a little HP

Stacks 2 in cell

Mentama Drop 5CP + a little HP
Tayaki 6CP + some HP
Slime Bean 12CP + a fair bit of HP
Walnut Chocolate 14CP + some HP


Name Buy Sell Effect Description
Mentama Drop 5CP 2CP Restores a little HP A candy drop shaped like an eyeball. Comes in Strawberry, Melon, Lemon, and Orange flavors.
Taiyaki 6CP 3CP Restores some HP Fish-shaped snacks made from baked wheat filled with bean paste. Arche loves these.
Slime Bean 12CP 6CP Restores a fair bit of HP A jellybean shaped like a slime. Green ones are lychee, blue ones are mint, yellow ones are lemon.
Power Drop* N/A 77CP Increases Attack Permanently A mysterious - and rather spicy - candy drop that strengthens those who eat it.
Good Child Drop* N/A 81CP Increases Spirit Permanently A mysterious - and oddly calming - candy drop that strengthens those who eat it.
Mystery Juice* N/A 94CP Increases Max MP Permanently A strange, oddly-flavored juice.


Name Buy Sell Effect Description
Herb 10CP 15CP Restores 70-100 HP Herbs collected in a local forest; even the smell helps you feel a little better.
Venom-Away 7CP 3CP Cures Poison A small, stinky brown pill made from ground-up herbs. If you can stomach it, it will cure poisoning.
Venom-Avay S 40CP Cures Poison

Stackable item


Name Buy Sell Effect Description
Pot 60CP 30CP A metal pot. Vital for cooking soups and stews.