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The Labyrinth of Night is the final dungeon located in the Dark World and is the dwelling place of the Dark Witch Selene. It is entered through the Minasa-Ratis Magic School doors.


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The Labyrinth is a massive maze throughout the bowels of the Dark World where the final battle between the Dark Witch and Arche takes place. It also contains the imprisoned, petrified students who were brought through into the Dark World by Selene's sorcery. Throughout the Labyrinth are many traps, including a teleport trap that is activated by opening certain chests. These transport Arche and her friends to a different location within the dungeon. A door can also be found that leads into another area of the Labyrinth but cannot be accessed until after the Dark Witch is defeated.


  • Vile Bat
  • Purple Slime
  • Rattlesnake
  • Org Centurion
  • Org Bowman
  • Skeletal Corporal
  • Ghost Warlock
  • Baby Blazemage
  • Baby Aquamage
  • Ice Dragon Pup



  • Mind Chocolate x1
  • Revival Drink EX x1
  • Pitch Black Key x1
  • Guardian Drop x1
  • Best Herb x1
  • Pitch Black Key x1
  • Mystery Juice x1
  • Pitch Black Key x1
  • Broken Lamp
  • Copper Coins (x2500)
  • Pitch Black Key x1
  • Stronggirl Juice x1
  • Recall Lamp x1
  • Tough Drop x1
  • Star Rod x1
  • White Iron Ore
  • Memory Photo 8