Chara selene
The Dark Witch Selene (闇の魔女 セレーネ) is the main antagonist of Fortune Summoners. Being a Dark Witch, she is not human but rather a demon who possesses powerful dark magic.


When speaking to some of the people, Selene is reported traveling throughout the land of Scotsholm, searching for the Elemental Stones. She is much feared throughout the region for her dark magic and ability to steal souls.

Selene is finally encountered in her dungeon, the Labyrinth of Night in the Dark World. After some exchange of words with Arche and her friends, The Dark Witch makes the threat to rip their souls from their bodies and make them suffer forever. The final battle ensues with Arche successfully defeating the demon.

Selene follows and takes orders from a mysterious master whose voice is only heard after her defeat in the final battle. It is never revealed who or what this being is.


  • Dark Energy
  • Bubbles
  • Giant Hammer: Selene uses a giant hammer to smash her foes.
  • Dark Ring: Summons a dark ring that pulsates.
  • Summoning: Selene can summon Skeletal Sergeants and Black Panthers to fight for her.